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Our silicone jewelry

Silicones are polymers, which are large molecules composed of many repeated sub-units. These polymers are made up of siloxane – a chain of alternating silicone atoms and oxygen atoms frequently combined with carbon and/or hydrogen. Silicone is an element found in sand, where it is extracted from and passed through hydrocarbons.

Silicone does not contain allergens, such as heavy metals, nickel or latex. Silicone is used in various forms in healthcare (eg prostheses and artificial joints) and in cooking, because of its fantastic properties. Silicone is not plastic, nor has our non-renewable natural resource, oil, been used when manufacutring silicone.

Advantages of silicone as a jewelry material:

  • lightness: a piece of jewelry weighs only a few grams
  • non-allergenic: very few people are allergic to silicone
  • safety: the material does not dissolve chemicals on the skin (which eg plastic can do)
  • durability: the jewelry lasts well and can withstand wear and tear
  • hygienic: the jewelry can be washed after use and thus kept clean and hygienic

Our wooden jewelry

The 2 mm thick birch veneer we use meets the FSC standard. The FSC mark indicates that only timber from FSC-certified forests has been used as the product's material.

The hooks we use

Our earring hooks are silver-plated and their base metal is brass, which is a mixture of copper and zinc. Brass is the base metal in almost all jewelry accessories, as it is durable and harder than, for example, copper alone. The hooks do not contain nickel. All metals we use comply with the EU's REACH-regulation.

Niobium hooks

It is also possible to change to Niobium hooks for an additional fee.

Niobium (chemical symbol: Nb) is the safest metal for people with allergies and sensitive skin. If you have never been able to use any metal jewelry, you can use Niobium. It is a pure element (99.99%) without any extra added.

Niobium does not react with the skin's chemistry and does not rust or darken. Because of this, Niobium is used in medical devices such as pacemakers.

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