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Silver-Plated Hooks - 6 pcs

Earring Hooks, Silver-Plated 6 pcs

4,00 €

Product description

  • The hooks are silver-plated and nickel free
  • 6 pcs = hooks for three pairs of earrings

    Silver-plated means that the metal alloy is plated with silver. When properly stored, the silver plating will hold up well and retain its original color for years. Improper storage (humidity) can darken the hook over time. The darkening of the hook can also sometimes be affected by the pH of the wearer's skin, which is a personal matter.

    • The hooks are easy to change into earrings, you will need small narrow-tipped pliers.
    • Should be stored in a dry and dark place, preferably not in a damp bathroom, and not in direct sunlight.

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