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Alisar pendant, Oak wood veneer


Alisar Wooden Pedant - Dark

24,90 €

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Product description

Alisar Wooden Pedant - Dark

Designed by jewelry designer Hanna Alpimaa. She explains that Alisar means birch forest, but is also the Spanish word for "evening out." The message of the jewelry is to give equal opportunities to everyone. Let Alisar make your path smoother.

The pendant is made of smoked oak.

Product details


Size: height 7,5 cm (2.75 in)

Material: oak wood veneer, thickness 3 mm / 0,18 inch

Cord: real leather, length 1 meter, adjustable length

Metal parts: fastening rings are silver plated, nickel-free

Storage: store in a dry place, wipe with a damp cloth if necessary, dry thoroughly

  • Design jewelry designed by jewelry designers.
  • The jewelry is made and manufactured in Finland.


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