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Huivi 100 % bambua

Leona Scarf - 100% Bamboo

29,90 €

Product description

Leona Scarf - Bamboo

  • The Leona scarf has fantastic, earthy colors with shades of violet, olive, beige and whipped porridge
  • the scarf always looks different, depending on the color of your top garment
  • the scarf's natural, broken color shades will make your face shine
  • 100% bamboo - a very nice material, not sweat-inducing
  • the scarf is light and thin
  • this scarf with high quality will complete your outfit

Product details

Color: shades of violet, olive, beige and whipped porridge- many small dots in beautiful formations
Size: 180 x 80 cm (70.9 x 31.5 in)
Material: 100% bamboo
Washing: hand wash

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