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Little My Keychain


Little My Keychain / Bag Charm

29,90 €

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Product description

Little My Keychain / Bag Charm

"Little My is brave and fearless, and is eager to join the Moomins on their adventures. Sometimes she really seems to love small catastrophes. Little My is fiery and irritable – but also happy and friendly. Small things may easily annoy her, but she never does mean things on purpose.''

The wooden parts are made of PEFC- and ESC- certified birch. The certificates guarantee that forests are used responsibly and sustainably.

Manufactured in Finland with Moomin licence. Moomin Characters ™

Product details


Size: length 18 cm (7.09 in) without the hook

Material: 2 mm (0.08 in) thick dyed birch

Metal parts: do not contain nickel

Storage: store in a dry place, wipe with a damp cloth if necessary, dry thoroughly

  • Moomin Characters ™ - Manufactured with Moomin-license in Finland.


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