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Aurora & Alisar Jewelry Set

Aurora & Alisar Jewelry Set

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Niobium is naturally hypoallergenic and safe choice.

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Aurora & Alisar Jewelry Set

This lovely jewelry set includes an Aurora scarf and Alisar earrings.The Earrings are delivered in a jewelry box.


Product details


Designed by jewelry designer Hanna Alpimaa. She explains that Alisar means birch forest, but is also the Spanish word for "evening out." The message of the earring is to give equal opportunities to everyone. Let Alisar make your path smoother.

Size: height 4,7 cm (1.85 in) without the hook

Material: 1 mm thick matte silicone

Hooks: silver-plated, nickel free
*You can also order earrings with Niobium hooks. Niobium is the safest metal for people with allergies and sensitive skin. If you have never been able to wear any metal jewelry, you will be able to use niobium. Niobium is a pure element to which nothing extra has been added. Niobium does not react with skin chemistry, does not rust or darken.

Care instructions: gentle hand-wash with soap and water

Storage: store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and dust



Aurora is the goddess of the Roman dawn. The Aurora scarf has fantastic, earthy colors with shades of brown and brick red.

Size: 180 x 80 cm (70.9 x 31.5 in)

Color: shades of warm brown and brick red - many small dots in beautiful formations

Material: 100% bamboo

Washing Instructions: hand wash


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