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Isla & Roselle Jewelry Set

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Iska & Roselle Jewelry Set

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Niobium is the safest metal for people with allergies. It does not react with skin chemistry, rust or tarnish.

Jewelry Box

Product description

This lovely jewelry set includes an Isla scarf and Roselle earrings.The Earrings are delivered in a jewelry box.


Product details


The shape of the earrings comes from the roselle flower, or tea hibiscus in English. The tea hibiscus is a flowering shrub that grows under the tropical sun. These earrings will bring a touch of the tropics to a gray day!

Size: height 3,3 cm (1.23 in) without the hook

Material: 1 mm thick matte silicone

Hooks: silver-plated, nickel free
*You can also choose Niobium hooks. Niobium is a pure element and the safest metal for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Niobium does not react with skin chemistry, does not rust or tarnish.

Care instructions: gentle hand-wash with soap and water

Storage: store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and dust



Elegant and stonewashed cotton scarf. Very comfortable, non-sweat-inducing, thin and light

      Size: 190 x 85 cm ( 74.8 x 33.5 in)

      Color: Pink

      Material: 100 % cotton

      Wash: 30 degree (Celsius) machine wash


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